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Aimer Corporation has been appointed by Astron Technology Corporation as Sales Representative in Northern California, USA. Astron is a Global International company specialized in Connectors, thermal Management products and specialized hardware company.

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Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting Aimer's website. You are invited to join us and learn about the services we currently provide.

Famous for superb service in Electronics component/Sub Assembly, Aimer Corp. has developed a system for high-efficiency supply chain management. For years, We have been working hard and breaking new ground in providing customer support. We support customers in North America , Europe and Asia.

Last year has been a year filled with new challenges for most companies all over the world. Without exception, Aimer has also gone through a solid growth when our target goals have been upgraded. At the same time, I feel we have also become stronger and more resilient as the result of all the tremendous circumstances.

As the year passes and we begin too look to an emerging future, I wish you all the best in this new year.

Yours truly,

John Tchiang
CEO Aimer Corp.

Our Mission Statement:

To be a world class supply chain specialist and to provide the most cost effective manufacturing and engineering solutions to OEM companies.